Taurus Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have an interesting chart. For months, possibly over the course of two years, you’ve been immersed in ninth house activities with one of the following very much on your mind—international travel, publishing or a broadcasting project (as writer/producer or subject), or an academic goal of going back to college and getting that degree. Although this is traditionally the area of your chart associated with distant foreign travel, these days that does not seem possible given the pandemic outbreaks all over the world.

Alternatively, you may have been thinking about an immigration matter that has been languishing in bureaucracy, perhaps waiting to get citizenship or a green card or a visa. This pandemic has created havoc as governments locked down, and now there’s a backlog. If you wanted to get trusted traveler certification or qualify for TSA pre-check to speed your move through security at the airport, that’s been on hold, too. It is a good thing patience is your virtue, dear Taurus. There is an eclipse over July 4-5 that will fall in your ninth house, ruling all the areas I have just outlined in this paragraph. This eclipse will be the last one in the Capricorn and Cancer series, and eclipses in this series will not appear again until 2027-2029.

Last month, in June, you came through two eclipses, and those lit up your financial eighth house, so you may have been thinking about doing some money management over the June 5 eclipse (plus or minus five day), or you may have had surgery and been thinking about how much your insurance company would cover.

The second eclipse of last month, June 21, was a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer—a sign that has been strongly highlighted along with Capricorn over the past two years. Each eclipse falls in different degrees, so unless the degree of the eclipse matches, opposes, or is at a 90-degree angle to one of your natal planets—or the Sun, rising sign, or natal moon—you would not feel it.

Fortunately, Capricorn and Cancer are both signs that blend well with your Taurus Sun. This means that although initially you may have had difficulties, you would be able to rise above them and even make changes work to your favor. If your birthday falls on May 2, plus or minus five days, you will be especially favored by this July 4 eclipse. The same is true if you have Taurus rising at 14 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, or if you have the natal moon or a natal planet in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn at 14 degrees, with the same plus or minus tolerance.

The full moon lunar eclipse of July 4 might mark the arrival of papers to sign, in which case you should hold off until after Mercury goes direct on July 12. (Mercury started to retrograde on June 17 last month in Cancer, in your other house of contractual agreements, and Mercury, no matter where it falls, rules agreements and all communication.) Full moons tend to bring things to closure, but the timing is off. This tells me you will be pressured to sign quickly, but it will be vital to show the contract, lease, or any other legal document to your lawyer first. Tell your lawyer to take time with the document—there is no rush. You will want to drag things out a little until after July 12. You probably will have changes to make here and there in the language of the agreement—and presto, it may take until July 12.

If you are out of work, you may find work, and this might be an employment contract. In that case and since jobs are hard to find, especially in a pandemic, you may have to sign it. The result may be that you will not be with that company for very long, but at least you will have a job to trade against later.

Interestingly, Mars, the energy planet, moved into your twelfth house of secrets on June 27, and instead of staying the usual six weeks, Mars will stay in this house for six months, until January 6, 2021. You may be hired to work on a confidential project and not be allowed to speak of it to anyone, not even family. If someone has withheld a secret that would have been important for you to know, the July 4-5 eclipse may bring it out into the open.

A rare and beautiful aspect will occur on July 27, when Jupiter and Neptune will be in perfect harmony, 60 degrees apart, signifying opportunity is at hand. These two planets are very slow moving and …your creativity will be reaching an all-time high.

The twelfth house is also the area of the chart of healing, especially in the psychological realm. This coming period, from now through early January, would be an ideal time to see a therapist and talk over something that may have blocked your progress, personally or professionally. Therapy opens your perspective and can be very helpful in providing insights.

There is another way this placement of Mars might work out. You may have had surgery or soon will and will need to have physical therapy for weeks, as well as frequent tests or checkups. Mars will retrograde on September 9, so if you have not yet scheduled your operation or dental surgery, do so for the second half of July or second half of August. If you have no plans for surgery or physical therapy, it’s possible you will act as a surrogate for someone else, and that would explain why you will be dealing with medical personnel for weeks.

Be careful when it comes to protecting yourself from the virus. Wear your mask and gloves when out in public and maintain social distancing. Your region may not have an outbreak, but this virus is tricky and is on a mission to infect as many people as possible. It seems to be programmed with a kind of intelligence—it hopes you will be sick of quarantine and make yourself vulnerable. Find things around the house you can do to make it more comfortable—become a mini-Marie Kondo (the author of the best-selling books on tidying up at home). With a pronounced emphasis on the twelfth house, don’t let the virus be the reason you are having more-than-usual interface with doctors.

Jupiter is in your solar ninth house, and although positioned ten degrees from the full moon lunar eclipse, it will be just close enough to help you a little, by a whisker.

Note: I would like Jupiter to be in closer proximity, but it’s on the border line of being significant or not concerning the eclipse. Besides, Jupiter is acting like a scout planet, which means that once the full moon appears, the first planet it will meet with is Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. If something jars you at eclipse time, take a breath—chances are, something good is about to happen, too.

The good part about this eclipse—and it’s a big one—is that surprise planet Uranus in Taurus will be in ideal angle to the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn and also in supportive angle to the Sun in Cancer. In this mixed full moon, Uranus will bring lightness by way of an unexpected communication or breakthrough.

If your birthday falls on May 2, you will feel this eclipse quite directly. The same is true if you have Taurus rising 14 degrees, the natal moon in Taurus or a natal planet in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces at the same 14 degrees. In all cases, allow a cushion of plus or minus five degrees.

Eclipses are different from normal full or new moons, and they have a different timetable for when they deliver their news. Mars will reach 14 degrees of Aries on July 22 and may unlock the message of this July 4 eclipse. You might find July 22, plus or minus four days, to be an important time, both in your own life and in the news of the world.

The new moon of July 20 will be the second new moon in a row that will fall in your third house of communication, travel, and contractual agreements. This indicates this might be an important focus of interest. (Last month was a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer zero degrees. This month a normal new moon will arrive in Cancer at 28 degrees.)

This is a serious new moon, as Saturn and Pluto will be close enough to directly oppose it from across the sky. Jupiter is near both Saturn and Pluto, but he is on the fringe, possibly helping a little bit, but not close enough to partner effectively with the new moon and Sun. You may feel temporarily overwhelmed, and if you have a contract to sign, it appears to be quite one-sided with little assurances or benefits for you but lots for the other side. If you are signing, you must show it to a lawyer, even if you can’t afford one. (Work out a payment plan in advance.)

This is the house of short distances, so if you do travel (most likely by car or rail), your trip would more likely be to go to see family than to see a client or accomplish a career-oriented goal. No matter why you go, the trip will have a heavy mood with pressure from other relatives. Or the trip may have a serious reason—a favorite relative may be in the hospital, for example, or having special treatments, and you’ll go to bring your special brand of cheer. (Your presence would be very much appreciated.)

Taurus is ruled by gracious Venus, and this month, Venus will be in Gemini—your focus will be to make money, clear and simple. It would be advisable to see clients or management face-to-face, but since travel these days is not always possible, agree on having a few Zoom meetings instead, the next best thing.

Mars and Venus will be close enough to set off sparks, and Mars is Venus’ mythological lover. This bodes well for you, dear Taurus. Now that you know, this might mean you won’t mind staying in after all. At the new moon July 20, Uranus in Taurus will signal Mercury in Cancer, bringing surprising good news.

A rare and beautiful aspect will occur on July 27, when Jupiter and Neptune will be in perfect harmony, 60 degrees apart, signifying opportunity is at hand. These two planets are very slow moving and will be within range of each other all year. (They will meet in the same aspect October 12. These two planets will be even stronger in October, for they both are retrograde now, in weaker position.) My point in telling you this is that your creativity will be reaching an all-time high. To use this aspect, you must work hard at your artistic expression.

Here are clues: Jupiter is in your ninth house, so this aspect may bring special benefits in several areas. You may see your literary work published—perhaps a highly imaginative and carefully written novel—or you may compose or produce a song that becomes very successful. One of the creative arts that you express will have enormous possibility for success and could be related to music, art, dance, literary work (including poetry and screenplay writing), as well as all aspects of design.

Life is getting better for you now that Venus went direct last month on June 24. Venus is your ruler, so not only will your love life improve, but all parts of life will also show an uptick. It’s hard to make progress when Venus is retrograde when you are a Taurus, so this is a relief. Get past Mercury retrograde on July 12, and you’ll be feeling even better yet.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


Last month brought two eclipses, the first, June 5, may have brought a change in your income, or you may have had to write a check to cover a large expense that you did not anticipate. You may have paid for tuition, prepaid your taxes, or received a large sum of money as a cash windfall, possibly money from an insurance company or other outside source. The eclipse on June 21 may have opened talks on a new venture or project centered on communication.

The emphasis on writing, speaking, editing, translating, coding or other communication efforts will continue and reach culmination at the full moon lunar eclipse, July 4-5 in Capricorn. You may finish your manuscript, see your book published, compose a song, or write an important legal brief, scientific white paper, or column for a website. Or you may be getting ready to bring your podcast series or app to market. If you are an agent, you might take on an important talent to represent.

If an eclipse touches a natal planet, Sun, or natal moon in your chart, the actions and news that occur at eclipse time are always important and form landmark markers in your timeline. Mercury started to retrograde on June 17 and will go direct July 12, so no matter how much pressure you are under to launch a new product or to sign a contract early in the month, you need to wait until several days after July 12 to put down your signature.

At the July 4-5 eclipse, Jupiter will be within proximity of the lunar eclipse, suggesting that events wrought by this eclipse will ultimately work to your favor, something you will see either immediately or in subsequent weeks or months in hindsight. Also, Uranus, planet of surprise, will be in ideal position to support the full moon lunar eclipse and Sun, so something is likely to come out of the blue that will benefit you. If you work in a creative field, you may be winding up an artistic project that will likely be well received.

Money will be slow to come to you because of Saturn’s position, a planet that proliferates paperwork, red tape, and delays. That is not to say you won’t make money, but for now, receiving it seems to be parceled out in small bites, not given to you in one large bundle. It might be that someone who owes you will have to make a payment plan with you.

Mars is now in Aries, filling your twelfth house of privacy, a place Mars will occupy for a very long time. Usually Mars spends six weeks in a sign, but in 2020, Mars will spend six months in Aries, until January 6, 2021. The reason Mars will spend such an unusually long time in Aries is that Mars will go retrograde from September 9 to November 13, and it’s important to note that Mars retrograde is considered a poor time to begin new ventures or initiate a new relationship in love or business.

Mars in the twelfth house may bring you into contact with medical personnel, perhaps on behalf of a friend or relative, for this part of your chart rules privacy and confinement for the purpose of healing, covering such facilities as hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, and physical therapy centers, for example. If this turns out not to resonate with you—and you do not expect to check into one of these institutions—then Mars in Aries might have a different influence, and you may be working on a secret project that requires that you sign confidentiality papers.

Alternatively, the time Mars spends in Aries, June 27, 2020, to January 6, 2021, will be a superb time to investigate psychotherapy with a professional—this period is long and could bring a major breakthrough in that time. Mars is comfortable in Aries—it is the sign it rules—so Mars will be strong and helpful to you during this six-month period. During the retrograde portion, you can delve into your past and discover what might have been a troubling incident.

The new moon in Cancer on July 20 will bring your focus to a family-related situation, possibly involving your sibling or parent, and may require you travel by car or rail to see your relative.

At the same time, you appear to have a lot going on in your ninth and third houses which involves writing, communicating, legal documents, academia, and international projects and relationships. One of these areas will require your full attention.

Mars will reach an important degree on July 22, in hard angle to the July 4 eclipse, and trigger news related to that lunar event. There is no doubt about it—it’s a busy month that will keep you on your toes.

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