Taurus Horoscope for July 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

JULY 2018

Dear readers,

I feel we all live in our heads so much of the time that when we are faced with a circumstance that forces us to acknowledge that we really do have a body to care for, it sometimes comes as a bit of shock. I suppose if you are an athlete and reading this, you are laughing at me. It’s true, as an astrologer and a writer, I spend most of my days thinking.

When I was wheeled to the outside of the operating room on the morning of June 12, wearing the special blue paper surgical gown and shower cap to cover my hair, it occurred to me that some things in life have to be faced straightforwardly, and gone through by ourselves without help. I feel these experiences make us stronger and also more compassionate of others.

Yet, then I thought about how lucky I was – so many of you, dear readers, said you would send a prayer for me when I posted on Twitter and Facebook that I was about to have an operation. You responded so warmly, far beyond my expectations, and it made my heart swell. Thank you so much.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a big month, with plenty of changes coming up. Things won’t always go as planned, but lots of very good developments will come up too, so stay optimistic. As a Taurus, you like life best when it has a measure of predictability, but even you may begin to embrace the changes as good for your spirit and soul. Let’s look at the full spectrum of activity.

You currently have Mars, the action planet, at the very pinnacle point of your chart, energizing your career and reputation, and bringing your work to the attention of many influential people, including prospective clients. The problem is, Mars went retrograde on June 27 last month and Mars will not regulate his orbit until August 27. This means you will be subject to a number of delays to professional affairs, but those delays will actually benefit you. Don’t rail against them – the universe is asking you to slow down and challenge your most basic assumptions.

You may want to take a second look at projects that you put aside for lack of time or funding – you may want to revisit one of them, for the timing in early 2019, particularly in February, may be perfect for a launch, as long as you get plans ready now.

You won’t lose the competitive edge by waiting because everyone will be subject to this slowdown, not just your sign. Moreover, Mars will be in superb position in September through mid-November, moving through your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, so you will have lots of time to push ahead in your career.

The rule is this: never launch an important project when Mars is retrograde. Mars is the warrior planet and gives you the will and determination to win. Life brings obstacles, but Mars helps you find ways around them. However, when Mars is retrograde, you simply don’t have access to Mars’ stream of energy that you have become used to getting and probably took that energy for granted. You can try to fill in for the lack of Mars’ strong orbit, but you will soon see this trend is bigger than anything you anticipated. If you try to do all the heavy lifting yourself, you will soon see it’s a yeoman’s task.

Let me try to explain to you what is happening in a more graphic way. When Mars is in a normal, healthy, strong orbit, it takes Mars two days to travel one degree. Last month, as Mars got closer to the day he started to retrograde on June 25, starting June 21, Mars took 12 days to go one degree. Twelve days! When Mars is retrograde, it will feel like you are walking through heavy snow, and projects will creep along slowly.

The smart way to deal with Mars retrograde is to reevaluate, readdress, redo, revisit, and rethink previously done projects (or a project you have in development now) and allow for changes or tweaks to your strategy. From now until after August 27, do not debut any new business idea or start an important new relationship.

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