Taurus Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Not only is action planet Mars in retrograde orbit, but Mars’ little brother Mercury is also due to go retrograde, October 13 to November 3. That will cause more delays, and anything you negotiate will need to be renegotiated later. Almost nothing sticks when Mercury is out of phase. Put off buying a new computer, smartphone, air conditioner, or refrigerator (anything electronic) because Mercury rules the electronic sparks inside the machine, as well as the moving parts. You won’t like the product you buy now for any number of reasons.

October is not an easy month, but you’ve seen months like this before. You can handle it, but it will be, at times, frustrating or exasperating. We are all in this together, as these aspects will affect every zodiac sign, albeit in different ways.

The hardest moment will come at the month’s second full moon, October 31, Halloween no less, in Taurus, 9 degrees, in the first house of your personality and identity. As this full moon is in Taurus, it is likely that all that is important to you will come to a culmination. I feel you will have an emotional event that shocks you into great clarity—a piece of news or casual comment will make lucid something you didn’t know but need to know, for it is a topic deeply important to you.

The news might be about a close romantic or business partner. In the latter case, that person might be a business partner or a collaborator, such as your accountant, lawyer, agent, publicist, or other professional with whom you have a serious, committed, one-on-one partnership. Or it may be about something that comes up regarding your living situation or a family member, possibly a parent, sibling, or cousin. I say that because the Sun rules your home life and your close, immediate family.

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