Taurus Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

The new moon on March 10 will turn your thoughts to a friend, who you hope to help in an appreciable way. It appears your friend needs your support, and you will be willing to offer a helping hand.

Alternatively, you might decide to volunteer for a charity, community effort, or a humanitarian event to raise awareness and funding for a cause you believe in. Saturn will be close to the new moon March 10, so if you do offer help to a friend or make a commitment to a cause, you will likely remain quite a long time to offer support and comfort. Neptune, the planet of compassion, will also orbit close to the Sun and new moon and add an emotional element to the situation that may pluck at your heartstrings, the reason you will feel propelled to act. You have a chance to be a force of change if you decide to roll up your sleeves and offer assistance now.

The March 25 full moon eclipse in Libra will arrive in your work-a-day sector, so it appears an assignment you’ve been working on is finishing up and has importance for the future. Pay attention to all elements of this project, including the person who chooses you for it, for this assignment seems to have legs that will take you to more interesting work—work with greater complexity and a chance to imprint your own style and taste on those projects. With Pluto so favorable, your work is being noticed by VIPs at the top and can easily prove you are a star to watch and to reward later in the year.

Also, at the time near the eclipse March 25, watch your health, as you may be putting out a lot of energy and shortcutting sleep or nutrition, thereby lowering your immunity. The sixth house, where the eclipse will appear in your chart, also rules, aside from work and health, the solutions, habits, and actions you take to help keep your mind and body stay strong. Pace yourself and stop occasionally to treat yourself to tender loving care.

Once Venus, your ruler, moves into highly compatible Pisces on March 11 to stay until April 4, your social life will move into high gear. Although you will be working hard, and perhaps helping a friend or charity, you will have time to experience several enchanting, and possibly romantic, moments during the month.

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