Taurus Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

As said before, pets fall into this house—specifically, small domestic animals—so if your little dog or cat seems to be acting out of sorts, of course you will want to see the veterinarian. You will want to do all you can to bring comfort to your furry little animal.

The sixth house also rules work-a-day projects. (It does not cover promotions or reputation—that would be your tenth house.) I had a friend who always managed to change jobs when there was new moon in her sixth house. She was wondering why all her moves were lateral, why she never seemed to advance to a higher level. I sat down with her, and we listed the dates she took her new jobs over the past five years. She worked as a project manager, and looking at the lists of dates, we could see she always accepted her new job on a sixth house new or full moon. I showed her that her timing was off—she was, unfortunately, switching one job for another but always at the same level. I showed her when she would have a tenth house new moon, and then her entire career changed and surged upward.

For you, a promotion would come at a new moon in Aquarius, which typically falls at the end of January or in the first three weeks of February. You also might have luck at the full moon in Aquarius at the end of July or in the first three weeks of August.

Check my calendar for the new and full moons in Aquarius. On my calendar, which I write and sell on my Astrologyzone.com site, I give you the place the lunations occur—the sign and degree—and I give you a summary of how that new and full moon will behave in simple English, no astro-babble.

I don’t know your rising sign from where I sit, but if you can find your time of birth, you can run your chart at no cost on my site, and you will get a full interpretation. Once you know the sign on the mid-heaven (cusp of your tenth house), you can add extra full and new moons in the year that could be perfect for career advancement. (If you were born at dawn, you have the same rising sign as your Sun sign.)

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