Taurus Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

When it comes to romance, as a result of the strong full moon in Virgo last month on February 24, you may have been deciding about a person you have been dating. If you have tried to improve your relationship over weeks, or even months, to no avail, you may have recently decided to leave. You have such good aspects that come by only rarely, so you would be right to leave. You still are in a great cycle to meet many interesting, supportive people—one may be the perfect partner for you.

Now let’s turn to this month’s full moon lunar eclipse that will arrive March 25 in Libra and light your sixth house of work assignments, your health, and also pets. A full moon lunar eclipse like this one will bring you closure or a finish to a situation.

In the matter of health, you may get a test result that shows you should follow up with your doctor. The problem with this particular eclipse is that it will appear near Neptune, which will veil reality, so it will be hard to get facts and, perhaps in this case, a proper diagnosis. If a test result seems odd to you, there is no harm in asking that the test be repeated.

The wonderful part about this eclipse is that Pluto will be perfectly “trine” (a heavenly aspect) to the full moon eclipse. Pluto will be on hand to offer you awesome regenerative powers—the kind that would surprise your doctor. The first house of the horoscope rules vitality, but the sixth house, where (in your chart) the Libra full moon lunar eclipse will occur on March 25, covers the preventative measures that you take to get well and stay well. If you feel that anything doesn’t feel right, see a doctor to nip it in the bud. You have Pluto to help you.

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