Taurus Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

This month, you may be concerned over the welfare of a friend and be moved to help. For example, you might accompany her to the doctor for moral support, volunteer to help her young children with their homework for an hour each evening, or step in by cooking meals for her family if she is not up to doing that herself.

New moons open a portal for weeks and months that accents the activities in the house the new moon appears. If you volunteer to help, be prepared to provide assistance over a number of weeks—your friend will be very grateful if you stay steadfast in your commitment to her.

The eleventh house, where this new moon is appearing in your chart on March 10, also rules charities, community activities, and humanitarian and environmental affairs. So instead, you may take a leadership position in a group you belong to so that you can help make the world a better place. You might, for example take on the presidency or become the chairperson of an important committee dealing with fundraising or the media. At the new moon in Pisces, you will also have the Sun, Neptune, and Saturn all in Pisces, and each will stimulate your feelings of compassion.

While this is going on, you may find ways to help a parent, child, or other family member. If that does not resonate, you may be thinking your home feels too small and you need to move, or you need to make more space by packing things up to give away. There was an element to recent lunations that touched on your home living experience as well as your relationship to family.

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