Taurus Horoscope for March 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The strong emphasis on earth planets in March will make the world a happy place for you. Most of the planets are in Capricorn, filling your ninth house of travel, international relationships, publishing, broadcasting, plus legal and academic matters, so one or more of these glittering areas will continue to be on your mind, a holdover since the very start of 2020. These are your most fortunate areas now, so choose one, and find ways to make this trend work for you.

Venus will move through earth-sign Taurus from March 4 through April 3, sure to bring out your charisma and make you more appealing than ever.

Lucky you—on top of all of this, the full moon of March 9 will be in earth-sign Virgo. Two heavenly bodies, the Sun and Neptune, are both in Pisces, a water sign that blends beautifully with your earth sign. The Sun and Neptune are both in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, friendships, and fun. Neptune will add a glamorous tone, and Mercury will join the Sun and Neptune in Pisces mid-month.

The full moon of March 9 will shine in your fifth house of truelove, indicating you are due for a romantic episode that could leave you breathless. If you are dating seriously, you might hear a confession of love, or if you are single, you might well meet someone new on this magical full moon. That full moon falls on a Monday, and you will feel its influence over the weekend of March 7-8.

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