Taurus Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

Concentrate on your financial goals, because if you do, you will continue to make good money all the way into June 2025 and establish yourself on a new and higher income level. This does not mean you will suddenly see a precipitous drop after June 2025—you now have many chances to elevate your career and continue to be paid well from the ventures and through deals you make with clients during the entire coming decade. The harder you worked to plant seeds during the past 12 months, the greater the success you will enjoy now and in coming months.

If you are ready to sign a contract this month, do so in June 4 when Mercury aligns with Jupiter—this will be as good as it gets. If possible do a joint signing with both parties present for even greater luck. If you hope to make a profit from this deal, your stars are twinkling above you, boosting your prospects for a lucrative result.

If June 4 is too early for you to be ready to go through the contract, your second good day will be June 26 when Mercury receives a friendly beam from Saturn, the planet of stability, security, and longevity. Be sure you like the terms, because if you sign on June 26, you would be in this contact a long time.

After all the financial maneuvering this month, you might be ready to take a break. The full moon on Friday June 21 in Capricorn—a fellow earth sign that blends beautifully with yours—will help you pack and go. Neptune, the planet that rules the sea and all water, might bring stormy, rainy weather on one or two days because Neptune will be in hard angle to both the Sun in Cancer and full moon in Capricorn. Even so, Mars, the energy planet in Taurus will send a brilliant beam to the full moon and Sun and make you determined to go. Choose a tiny cottage in the mountains with a fireplace—rain won’t ruffle you one bit. Listening to the rain hitting the roof while sitting next to the fire may make you feel deliciously calm and refreshed—the weather may turn out to be just your cup of tea.

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