Taurus Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

One last word: On June 29, Saturn is due to go retrograde in Pisces, 19 degrees, until November 15, when Saturn will have fallen back to 13 degrees. This will weaken the stern effects of Saturn somewhat and at the same time open up your social life. You may have fewer duties and more time for fun. Venus is in the divine-for-you sign of Cancer, and with Mars in Taurus, you will be quite the dazzler. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, dear Taurus.

On the same day, June 29, Mercury will be in direct harmony with Uranus (a sextile). It will be as if Mercury poked the piñata and showered you with surprises, all of them special. See what happens—even one happy surprise will have you singing a happy tune.


Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, moved into Taurus in May 2023 in a rare, once-in-12-year visit. You have likely enjoyed lucky breaks and an expanded view of life, and you may have traveled to a foreign country that you’ve never visited before during you sparkling Emerald Year. If not, that trip of a lifetime could take place this month—or next, in July.

Jupiter said good-bye to your sign, dear Taurus, last month on May 25 when he moved to Gemini. Now the second gestation of the major cycle that started last year begins. You stand to see the best, most lucrative financial year you have had in the past decade, and possibly, you may see the best financial year of your life.

You might not have to wait long to see your harvest materialize for all the hard work you already put in last year to open new opportunities. First, watch June 2, when Jupiter and Pluto combine forces to create a powerful financial vibration. You might be able to take full advantage of this—Pluto has newly arrived in your career sector (for the first time in your life), and with the boost from Jupiter, you may be starting a new job, getting a promotion, or be able to bring in a prestigious, generous new client.

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