Taurus Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

Let’s concentrate on this month—a full moon in Capricorn, 1 degree. During your Emerald Year, which just ended, Jupiter was urging you to go to a foreign country to expand your view and knowledge of the world. You might have purchased a ticket previously and are getting ready to go this month, perhaps returning on June 21. (Full moons bring a finish or ending.)

This full moon of June 21 should bring joy. Venus is your ruler and guardian planet. Shortly after Venus moves into highly compatible Cancer (June 17), Venus will partner with the full moon in Capricorn to exact degree. At the same time, Venus will conjunct the Sun, another lovely aspect. Venus will put an extra spotlight on social graces, ease, and harmony. Venus will also boost your finances, and Mars will be close enough (right on the borderline of significance) to help you have lots of fun.

If you cannot travel, you may take college courses or a test to be admitted into the institution of your choice. You might have a legal matter pending, and if so, this full moon will do all it can to help you see a favorable resolution. If you are inclined not to go to a jury trial, try arbitration, but even if you are already in court, the verdict, if due within days of June 21, should please you. This full moon could, alternatively, bring a media project with you as reporter, writer, or producer or, instead, as the subject of a story.

All of these possibilities could come up. Although in life we usually see only one, it is possible you would have several of these outcomes. With three celestial planets in your short-distance travel sector and the full moon in your ninth house of long-distance travel, I feel there is a good possibility that you will be at the airport, railroad station, or in your car heading to a lush mountainous area, or one with fields of grain or wild flowers and plenty of sunshine.

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