Taurus Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

Whenever I tell someone that they are due for some solid opportunity in earnings, half the people ask, smiling and often laughing, if that means they could win a fortune gambling or from having winning lotto tickets. No, it does not. To me, their question is a red flag, suggesting that the person does not want to work to earn money but to sit back and buy a lottery ticket and let the money roll in. You are not like those people. You know that the greatest pride in life and sense of accomplishment comes from hard work, wise decisions, perseverance, and consistency. These are Taurus traits, and they will come in handy now.

If you have to sign a legal agreement this month, you are fortunate that you have one of the best aspects to do so when Jupiter conjoins Mercury on June 4, a perfect day to sign. This won’t happen again in your financial house for many years—this day has the power to be excellent.

The new moon June 6 does have one drawback in that Saturn will be in hard angle to the new moon, so you may have to work hard to get what you want, but that has never deterred you. Or, instead, it may mean that you are giving up something in the immediate to get to your goal that will be in place over the long-term. Life is all about priorities, and what we value most goes to the top of the list.

You have another big advantage this month when Mars enters Taurus for the first time in two years. Having Mars in your sign is always a great competitive advantage because Mars will amplify up your courage, persistence, drive, and persuasive powers. Mars will also make you more attractive, so even romantically you will be more magnetic and compelling and will easily draw others to you. You are starting an entire new chapter in your life now, which has to be exciting.

The full moon of June 21 in Capricorn this month is unusual in that we will have another full moon exactly one later on July 21 also in Capricorn. The difference is that the one coming this month will mostly touch those Taurus who were born April 20-24 (or who have Taurus rising 0 to 5 degrees), and next month, those Taurus who were born May 15 to May 19, or have Taurus rising 25 to 29 degrees, will be the most affected.

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