Taurus Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

Remarkably, you have Jupiter in Gemini in fine angle to powerhouse Pluto in Aquarius, an exceedingly rare aspect that will happen June 2. Both are considered big-time financial planets, and both are associated with mega-growth when in this type of aspect. Even better, Jupiter is in your salary and earned income sector, and Pluto is in your career house of fame (Pluto recently moved to this sign for the for the first time in your lifetime). This is headline news.

Mercury rules your second house of earned income, and with Mercury conjunct Jupiter in this very same house of your chart, your chances to make good money have never been better.

Looking ahead, while the entire year will be financially fruitful for you, this is one of your best months ever to see an increase in salary. This month, watch the days near June 2, and then the ones that follow the new moon June 6.

Later in the year, watch mid-December (near the full moon December 15), and after that, and looking ahead, circle January 29, 2025, when a new moon should help you scale new heights in your career. You may hear good financial development news coming after the new moon next year on May 27, 2025.

You stand to see the best, most lucrative financial year you have had in the past decade, and possibly, you may see the best financial year of your life.

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