Taurus Horoscope for July 2024

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JULY 2024

Dear Reader,

You might already know that I had a flood in my apartment suddenly one evening on April 16. I was writing a article for Vogue Japan. It was due at midnight (noon in Tokyo), and I was finished with my 7,528-word piece and was doing spell check when suddenly there was a pounding on my door. It was the building maintenance man saying that he needed to check my bathroom for a flood.

Dumbfounded, I welcomed him in and showed him that there was no flood at all in the larger of my two bathrooms. He asked me to next show him my tiny bathroom in my bedroom, and when I opened the door to my bedroom I was horrified. I felt my bare feet on squishy, soaked-with-water, wall-to wall carpeting. The water had oddly taken a right turn into my neighbor’s apartment.

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Your July 2024 Horoscope for Taurus

by Susan Miller

Lucky you! Mars is still in Taurus, giving you all kinds of favor. This is a privilege you’ve enjoyed since June 8. Mars in your sign infuses you with energy, courage, confidence, and persuasiveness. You don’t take “no” for an answer, and others are drawn to rally around you and support your ideas and desires. Indeed, in July, you could ignite nations to your cause.

Even in matters of love, having Mars in your sign is an advantage, for Mars will help you stand out and make you more attractive. Use this energy quickly, for Mars will leave Taurus this month on July 20, not to return for nearly two years (May 2026).

Let’s look at your career for a moment, for you are under powerful forces to bring your talents forward and to be recognized and compensated for them. Pluto at the tip top of your chart is in a rare and outstandingly out-of-sign harmony aspect to Uranus, planet of unexpected events, now in Taurus. You have never hosted Pluto in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement in your lifetime, and this trend has just started. It will continue for a long while, too. Pluto takes 248 years to circle the Sun, the reason this is the first time you’ve experienced this wonder aspect. Take your career goals seriously for the force is with you.

Turning now to the position of the new and full moons, your chart has an unusually strong emphasis on travel. You may have seen this to be true last month on June 21 when the first opportunity to pack and go may have come up, possibly to a distant city.

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