Taurus Horoscope for January 2024

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

You have every reason to believe that you are entering a happy, harmonious 2024, for it is a year that continues with good-fortune Jupiter in Taurus. This was a trend that started last May and will continue until May 25 this year. You had to wait 12 years to have Jupiter all to yourself, so this indicates you are in the middle of a process of kicking off a new 12-year cycle. Many of the acorns you are planting now will grow into tall oak trees, and financial reward will begin to flow to you as a result later in 2024 and next year in 2025.

For now, you are aching to travel. The holidays were hectic, and you long to be in a new setting to enjoy the sounds, flavors, and colors of an exotic culture. Look into a distant foreign trip, dear Taurus, for you have powerful planetary support to make your dream come true.

The new moon of January 11 in Capricorn, 21 degrees, will set travel plans in motion. Pluto, in his last days in Capricorn, could make this a pleasure trip that you combine with business, which could bring double the pleasure. Uranus will signal the new moon, so you may have no plans to go yet suddenly find you do and quickly need to pack your suitcase. What is life without surprises?

That compatible Capricorn new moon on January 11 will also encourage (aside from distant travel) ventures in publishing and broadcasting (including in the digital world), the pursuit of higher education (college and beyond), and international trade and relationships, focusing on immigration, passports, visas, legal residency, and more. Some Taurus may decide to move abroad and set up residency for a short term—or perhaps for a permanent stay.

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