Taurus Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Taurus

Ten days later, the full moon of February 24 in Virgo will brighten your truelove sector, and it looks like a romantic relationship will reach an important crest on February 24, plus four days. Saturn will soon conjoin the Sun, suggesting a serious decision may take place—it seems to center on a personal question, such as whether to commit to marriage or to have a baby. Or if you are not ready for either decision, it may be to decide whether to move in together to see how things go. It appears you will be in a serious mood and ready to make that choice. Again, at the time of the full moon, February 24, Jupiter will be in the ideal position to help you feel optimistic and happy about your future.

There is one other possibility. You may rent or buy a house or condo as a result of the meeting of Saturn and the Sun. Saturn is giving you a longing to prepare for the future and to set up a stable foundation for yourself. You are reaching a stage where you want to give your life stability.

If you find your dream house, and you know you can afford the mortgage, there is no reason to hold back. True, interest rates are high everywhere, but when those rates fall, as they will, if you have chosen a fixed mortgage, you can re-negotiate the mortgage’s interest rate to one that’s more attractive.

You have so much going on, dear Taurus! Always remind yourself that you have the honor of being the celestial favorite because you have the protection and blessings of good-fortune Jupiter in a once-in-12-year cycle. Be optimistic!

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