Taurus Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Taurus

The Sun rules your home in the Taurus horoscope, and with Saturn conjunct the Sun, along with the major emphasis on your career earlier in February, this might suggest you’d have to move house to accommodate a new job. That could feel daunting, but if you break down all you have to do into small parts, you will be able to get things done more easily. Here is another way of thinking about this, dear Taurus. Concerning the full moon February 24, whatever comes up, don’t try to eat the entire enchilada in one sitting. Small bites work best.

Although the full moon brings Saturn and the Sun orbiting close together, they will actually meet in conjunction not on February 24 but on February 28. If you feel anxious or if someone is critical of you, realize that in about three or four days, you will begin to feel lighter and not be as concerned about things that worried you previously.

February 28 would not be the time to have any serious discussions or important meetings. Do that earlier in the month or in March. Everyone you interact with in the last days of February will be feeling this somber influence, so don’t add to that mood by applying pressure. Timing is everything in life! Wait until March to bring up a difficult topic. You will be glad you did.


In the first half of February, you may feel restless and in need of a change of scene. Good timing! Mars, the action planet that often reveals where your attention will be drawn, will be near a completion of his tour of Capricorn—a fabulous placement for you—so if you can break free (and didn’t go away in January), jet away to a beautiful setting. You seem to be interested in seeing a mountainous terrain with lush foliage. Go prior to February 13 when Mars will enter your prestigious career sector, to stay until March 22.

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