Taurus Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Taurus

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, a Wednesday, a day when the transiting moon will be in Taurus. Lucky you! And good-fortune Jupiter, also in Taurus, will be aligned with the moon. This could prove to be a landmark day for you if you have a steady sweetheart or spouse. This day is positively spectacular. You may get engaged and share the news with family at the full moon February 24. Sometimes it’s fun to have a secret between the two of you for a few days. If you are getting married on Valentine’s Day this year, you have chosen an outstanding time to tie the knot.

Next, watch the full moon in Virgo, 5 degrees, of February 24 for another possible romantic episode to come up that could be thrilling. While Valentine’s Day is for those who have found their one truelove, this full moon is for those Taurus who want to find someone special. This full moon will be in perfect angle to happiness planet Jupiter in Taurus, which will be a great blessing for you.

The full moon will light your fifth house of true love, and the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn will orbit closely together in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, an area of the chart that spreads joy. Saturn will oppose the full moon, so when it comes to love, you will be in a serious mode, which could be felt for as many as four days beyond February 24. You want your time to be productive—you are ready for marriage, so if you get (or give) a proposal, you may be married soon. Being in a serious state of mind is often when big things happen, so you may get your wish.

It you have a child, this full moon opposed to Saturn may make you feel a little mindful of the daily weight of being a parent. Your care for your child may at times feel temporarily overwhelming. In this case, if it applies to you, see if you can enlist help from your family or hire a mother’s helper to lighten your load on or near this full moon, which would be a good idea. By early March you won’t feel as fragile, so give yourself a few days to see your mood brighten considerably.

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