Taurus Horoscope for February 2023

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Your Horoscope for Taurus

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This is a month divided in two parts—focus on your career first, and then allow lots of time for social fun later. It may be a short month (only 28 days), but it seems to be chock full of action. Over the past few months, you have been hampered by Mars and Mercury in retrograde. If you felt like a hamster on a wheel during the past few months, not really progressing or getting anywhere at all, it was due to these two planets languishing in low energy. Mars, the planet of action, only retrogrades every two years, so you don’t have a lot of experience with Mars out of phase. You may be puzzled about why everything you were doing required so much effort and ended up with such meager results. Now that changes for the better.

Mars started to retrograde in Gemini on October 30 and finally went direct last month on January 12. Mercury, Mars’ little brother, goes retrograde three times a year for three and a half weeks. Mercury, which rules all communication and negotiation, went direct last month on January 18. All the planets in our solar system retrograde regularly (not the Sun and moon, but those are not planets). No planet instantly jumps to full power the minute it goes direct, the reason you should always wait and not make important initiations in the days right after the planet turns direct.

Mercury will be back to full power on February 6. Mars will be back to full power on March 15. That’s when both planets will be in ideal shape, but each day they gain more and more strength. Mars has been particularly concerning for you as Mars has been moving in Gemini, your financial second house, since August 20 and likely caused your expenses to rise. Your efforts to increase your income seemed scant, but that will change. Hosting Mars in your second house of earned income is not easy, but Mars will officially leave this area of your chart when it leaves Gemini on March 25. Keep working toward increasing your income, dear Taurus—your efforts will start to pay off.

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