Taurus Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aquarius also rules science and mathematics. If you are an engineer or in the medical-technical profession, you will find opportunities everywhere. You may work as a researcher, software engineer, rocket scientist, inventor—the jobs are numerous—and you will be at the right place at the right time

Mercury will be retrograde this month, for he turned retrograde on January 30, and won’t regulate his orbit until February 20. Most people know about Mercury retrograde. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, communication, perception, and objectivity, so while Mercury is retrograde, we rush and become distracted and forgetful. We make mistakes, and we don’t think things through thoroughly enough, and this is why it is considered a terrible time to sign a contract or an agreement of any kind. Mercury rules the moving parts in machines, as well as the sparks in electronics, so this will not be a good time to buy a computer, TV, smartphone, kitchen appliance, or an automobile. Wait until early March to shop.

You might ask, will Mercury retrograde hurt my chances for professional advancement? No, I don’t believe it will because you have an avalanche of brilliant aspects that could override many of the annoying parts of a typical Mercury retrograde. This suggests that your past service to another person may now become vital to your future. For example, someone you interviewed with or worked with some time ago could come back to offer you a new opportunity, or a project that was put aside, perhaps for lack of funds or time to work on it properly, will now jump to life. Mercury retrograde is a fortunate time for going back to connections and relationships you have already forged.

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