Taurus Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mercury also rules machinery and electronics, which is the reason it is never a good idea to buy a machine or electronic device during Mercury retrograde. Avoid buying or leasing a car, computer, kitchen appliance, vacuum cleaner, TV set, new headphones, or any other such item that you might need or want to send as a gift to another person. You or the recipient of your gift won’t be satisfied with the product, and the reasons are varied. You may choose the wrong model, or a better one may come out shortly after your purchase—when it is too late to return it for the newer model. Or you may not be thinking about what you really need. For example, you might buy a hard drive that is too small for your needs, drop your new product on a marble floor, or have a cup of tea spill on the computer. I don’t even want to think of what happens next in those cases. If you wait, you will be happy you did.

Mercury will retrograde in Pisces, your friendship sector, so you may be one of the only signs that will enjoy this retrograde period. Mercury has a way of bringing the past back to life in the present, so you may randomly run into a good friend you were once close to, and enjoy catching up when you see each other. There’s likely a reason you are meeting—it’s up to you to discover that reason.

Travel is an exciting possibility all month, for Mars will enter your long-distance travel sector on February 16 and stay until March 30. This is the first time Mars will light your ninth house of foreign travel in two years, so you should take full advantage. All the little planets will be working to make sure you have fun!

Specifically, Mars will be in the divine-for-Taurus earth sign of Capricorn, touching off other planets in that house like firecrackers in a box. It should be dazzling fun.

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