Taurus Horoscope for December 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You seem to be very concerned about money, whether about how much you can spend for holiday gifts, to pay back student loans, to run your business or care for your family – one of these areas, or another one, has you up at night. However, the remedy you are taking right now is about to work beautifully and will quell your fears. There are so many solid reasons why you are looking at a bright financial future, and I will outline those reasons now.

First, this month, you have reason to celebrate. Saturn, the judge and taskmaster planet, will leave Sagittarius, a place he has held for three years. During that time, from December 23, 2014 to December 19 2017, Saturn taught you life lessons through financial experiences, and Saturn’s tests are never easy. You may have had a client go bankrupt and leave you holding the bag, and when you realized you’d never be paid, it might have been hard not to panic. Or, you may have had to battle identity theft, and had to work to get your good name back.

You may been concerned about how you could pay your mortgage or your credit cards, your student loan, or whether you would have the money to care for your children. Or, you may have suddenly wondered if you would have enough put away for retirement. By now you know what you learned and what solutions you may have put in place to protect yourself. I listed a few examples here, but you may know the ones you faced and how you became motivated to cope so you would never have to have a similar experience again – that was the point of the exercise. Even if you did everything right, life has a way of throwing us sideways, so don’t beat yourself up. You have become financially savvy in those years, and with the wisdom you gained under your belt, you will be in a good place moving forward.

The financial pressure that you felt will now come off, and you will soon be able to breathe more easily. Many of the seeds you planted over the past three years will start to bear fruit, so you will see money come in (and I will be more specific about in this report, so stay with me). You won’t see relief until after December 19, the date Saturn will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn. You are an earth sign, and with Saturn in fellow earth-sign Capricorn, the coming three years will be infinitely easier. Saturn will be in your ninth house of travel and academic pursuits, but as said, you will find it much easier financially in future years.

Saturn will not be back to your eighth house of other people’s money, where it has been a financial thorn in your side, until February 2044. Saturn’s trails are long, but they are also infrequent, the reason Saturn feels he has to make his presence so indelible and memorable. He wants to be sure you carry the wisdom you gained for nearly three decades as you move forward. We only get three experiences with Saturn in any one house of the horoscope in a lifetime, because Saturn takes 29 years to circle the Sun. Each subsequent visit of Saturn becomes easier, because theoretically you will have learned much during his first time around. (The last time Saturn was in this area of your chart was 1988 to early 1991.) Saturn never rewards during the period of his tutoring, but does leave a gift by the door as he makes his exit. This means you are in line for a financial benefit of some kind very soon now that your learning period in this part of your chart is over.

Mercury will retrograde almost all month, from December 3 to 22, and no doubt you began to feel the slowdown in the last third of November, last month. This means some checks due to you may be late if you are self-employed. Or, if you depend on child support to care for your children, your ex may not have any choice but to delay payment to you for whatever reason. Or, a check may get lost in the mail, or if you sent in an invoice, the other party may say it was made out incorrectly. I know, I agree, this is all frustrating news. We are all in this together, dear Taurus.

Mercury retrograde will give you problems with holiday shopping, so you might have to resort to sending gift cards. It’s not a time to buy any electronic gifts because Mercury rules the moving parts in machines, and it also rules judgment – and yours will be off. It’s too late for those purchases now, for no matter when you purchase during this month, something will be wrong with the item you buy and your recipient will have send it back, or worse, it will never quite please your recipient. When you buy your gift cards, photocopy each one, front and back, stable the two pages together, and write the recipient’s name on the photocopy. You will need a copy of the bar code on the back. File them away, and should any of your recipients lose their card, you can get it replaced.

Now, back to our discussion of Saturn. Before you can be free of Saturn’s nearly endless period of financial constraints and tests, you will have to get through the new and full moons this month. Both are due to hit financial areas of your chart. They shouldn’t bring negative news.

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