Scorpio Horoscope for September 2017

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Last month’s total eclipse of the Sun was a dream come true for you to see magnificent career progress. You may still be shaking the confetti out of your hair because it would have been impossible not to want to celebrate the fantastic opportunities that are now coming your way.

All this is due to the appearance of the solar eclipse last month, August 21, at 29 degrees Leo. The eclipse lit your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement in a way not seen in the same degree and sign since August 1998. Eclipses are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to affect change and progress. That was a new moon, opening a big heavy door that was previously bolted shut and that now, when opened, will put you onto a new and exciting path. Eclipses have a long tail, and if you didn’t notice any news arising about your career yet, you are likely to hear something this month. The news of an eclipse can keep coming for six months.

The reason I say you may hear something in September is twofold. First, on September 3 and September 4, Mars, your ruler, will move over the precise mathematical degree and sign of the total eclipse, 29 degrees of Leo. These days will be vitally important for you to watch, even if you already heard news about how well you are doing professionally last month. Indeed, every Scorpio, including you, have the ability to see your career rocket skyward, assuming you’ve worked hard and smart for years to get where you are, and to where you are about to go. If indeed, you did hear news, then on September 3 or 4 you will likely get more details.

If you didn’t read last month’s forecast that I wrote for you for August, you still can do so. If you are on a computer online, look to the bottom of every page of my monthly report – you will see a blue box that says Previous Month’s Forecast. If you are on your cell phone, using my free app or the paid subscription version (both), you can always see my monthly report. To see last month’s report while reading the present month’s forecast, just swipe left for the previous month.

(Download my app on Apple App Store or Google Play, “Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope” – usually by typing Susan Miller is enough to get you there. The icon is a dark blue square with large white letters that say AZ.)

The second reason I feel you MIGHT hear news, as I wrote in my essay, “How to Deal with Eclipses” on the home page of my website (lower left, near bottom), is that most eclipses (70 percent) deliver their news when they appear. Some do so a month to the day BEFORE the eclipse occurred, and that would have been on July 21 (10 percent). Still other eclipses as a rule deliver news one month to the day AFTER the eclipse occurred (20 percent), which would bring you to this month, September 21, plus or minus five days. We are lucky we have email – you can check what you were doing near July 21, August 21, and what will happen this month. An eclipse delivers its news during one of those three periods.

Astrologers use bell curves, and we look at time in terms of cycles, not in a linear fashion, which might help you understand why this happens. Also, I cannot see your individual chart and the degrees of your Scorpio planets, the reason I sound conditional here, which as you know is rare for me to do. I feel EVERY Scorpio will have something to cheer about, for that new moon eclipse last month was fantastic for you, dear Scorpio, and as you will see later in this report, the very best is yet to come. You haven’t seen the depth of good fortune due you yet, but it will start as soon as next month.

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