Scorpio Horoscope for March 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your third house of communication is packed with planets, including Saturn and your primary ruler, Pluto. Recently at the start of December, happy, lucky Jupiter entered this same sector for a year’s stay. You likely have an important project on your desk, which might involve a book, screenplay, thesis, podcast, app, new TV show, or digital project that is consuming quite a bit of your thinking, or if you are a lawyer, you could be writing a dynamite opening and closing statement to present to the jury on a trial you’ll soon begin.

Alternatively, you may be ready to sign an important contract you’ve been negotiating for weeks. If you ran into delays or certain hiccups, those delays likely benefitted you. Mercury was retrograde from February 16 last month, though you felt the slowdowns begin earlier, from February 2 onward. The past weeks went slowly but gave you time to check with your lawyer and change some of the language in the contract. Fortunately, Mercury will go direct on the Virgo full moon, and wow—you will see things move forward from March 9 onward.

Once Mercury goes direct, you will see gratifying progress on all your projects, as well as a contract you’ve focused on lately. If you held off signing papers last month (especially in the second half) because you were waiting for Mercury to turn direct on March 9, you are doing everything right. I would like you to sign on one of the very best days of the month, March 11, when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck and ruler of your income, will work beautifully with the Sun, ruler of your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement.

March 11 will give you the entire package—opportunity, money, and praise from VIPs. You can elevate your status in your company and possibly the entire industry, and you will make good money, too. It will be worth the two-day wait before you make any commitment, whether in writing or verbally.

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