Scorpio Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

You will love the new pace of the second half of September—it will be like a powerful gust of wind coming in your window. The energy will be high, and the tempo will keep things moving forward.

Now let’s look at the shape of September, starting with the top.

As you enter the month, you will have just come through a full moon in Pisces, 7 degrees, on August 30. This full moon fell in your fifth house of romance, specifically affecting Scorpios who are single and dating, or one of your children. Saturn was conjunct that full moon, indicating either serious news or your readiness to make a well-considered commitment.

If you have been dating one person seriously, it looks like it may be time for you to decide about the future of that relationship. If you are in love, you may now get engaged or wed. If you have strong doubts, this may be the moment you suggest you both go to couple’s therapy, or if you are really unhappy, break up.

There is another way this may work out. If you have a child, you may commit to sending your child to a certain school or to finding a tutor or another way to help him or her. If you have not yet noticed news, it may still come. Full moons are influential for five days after the moon appear and then starts to wane—that brings you to September 4.

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