Scorpio Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

This is why it is not a good time to sign a contract (communication) when Mercury is retrograde. This particular retrograde period has been harder mostly because Mercury has been—and will continue to be—in Virgo, the sign it rules.

If you have to sign a contract, try to put off the signing until after September 15 to protect the agreement and ensure your venture will go smoothly. If you fear you will lose the offer or opportunity if you don’t sign (for instance, a new job or a great apartment), then you will have to sign papers, yet you can always make changes up ahead. It would be a good idea to have some sort of exit clause.

If you have to sign with Mercury retrograde, at the very least, hire a lawyer to look at the contract before you sign. You need to give the lawyer time to make any small corrections he feels would be necessary to keep the contract fair for both sides.

Wait to buy a computer, car, smart phone, printer, TV, or any electronic item you might need—you can do so with confidence after September 15. (I would also suggest leaving a space of a few days after that date to allow Mercury to fully regulate.)

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