Scorpio Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Keep your immunity strong. Mars is being so rambunctious in your sixth house, ruling the protective measures you take to stay healthy, and I expect the coronavirus to spike in anticipation of next month’s meeting of Jupiter and Pluto on November 12. We would start to see the spike this month, growing to its peak in mid-November and extending to early-to-mid-December. Where will the spike be? That’s up to you—the virus is hoping you will let down your guard. Doctors giving interviews on TV speak of the danger of pandemic fatigue, and that’s a very real condition. Don’t let it happen to you.

I feel we will have some sort of vaccine by Christmas, but more likely by January 12, when Pluto and Jupiter move a nice wide distance apart, spinning their separate ways, not to meet again in conjunction for 13 years. That could happen, but that does not mean you would have the chance to get the shot. Distributing the vaccine to everyone, not only in your country, but also to the world’s poorest countries who cannot even begin to develop a vaccine, will be necessary if we are to ever be done with the coronavirus.

The Spanish Flu had the aspect of Jupiter and Pluto, and the coronavirus is following the same pattern. When I googled the Spanish Flu, I found sites where people asked if the Spanish Flu was still with us. The answer was yes, only now we call it the seasonal flu, which mutates every year. I believe scientists don’t think the coronavirus has mutated yet, but I have read they expect someday it will. However, we just hope we can get this virus to a manageable stage, lowering the symptoms, so it is not deadly anymore.

For now, be careful—wear a mask, which many doctors still feel will be more effective than a vaccine. One doctor said any vaccine is only 50% to 70% effective for most people, but a mask has a far higher level of effectiveness and protection. After all, doctors and nurses wear them in operating rooms for a reason.

In a month that will demand much from all of us, there will be another challenge.

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