Scorpio Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

Generally, that October eclipse was all about you—your desires and needs to be happier. It takes time to get to know yourself—your talents, proclivities, and more, and it comes with age. Eclipses help speed the process. Under the October 25 eclipse, you may have altered your appearance dramatically, changed your name, or shifted the course of your career. Opportunities came up centered on you, but the new eclipse, its twin, due this month on November 8, will center on your closest spouse, partner, or collaborator.

The November 8 eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus will be a difficult one. It arrives as a total eclipse of the moon, and that means it’s a full moon, always more emotional than new moons. To up the ante, Uranus, a planet known for rebellion and the breaking of formal rules and bonds, will take a very prominent role, adding volatility, rebellion, independence, sudden change, and disruption. Uranus also brings situations to a more modern, necessary place, for Uranus has no patience with anything it deems outdated and of no future value to you—and that includes toxic relationships. Uranus will be conjunct the full moon, which is quite jarring and can also bring a sudden change to your home—you may have to move or make a major repair, or you may receive news about a female member of the family who needs immediate help. You will need to be flexible and able to turn on a dime to help whoever needs you.

The moon is also tied to legal matters in your chart, so something may reach an end point or an important plateau. The ninth house is being brought into the discussion by Uranus’ conjunction of the moon, so you may have a problem with a foreign person or someone based in a publication or broadcasting company. One of these areas will require attention because the situation is unusual, unstable, and will require a decision. Go slowly—it would be all too easy to have a knee-jerk reaction when a more measured approach would be better.

Now that Jupiter will start to push forward, he will be stronger and can help you to a greater degree, especially with making more money.

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