Scorpio Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sometimes, Uranus works the other way—rather than have events operate directly on you, Uranus may urge you to do the opposite—to have you decide to make the changes. It would have to do with a long-term situation that you want to improve or change with no more waiting to act. Uranus engenders strong feelings of rebellion with a need for independence and autonomy.

New moons can have an influence for up to six months, and you would see what you feel needs to be done within ten days of November 4. The reason it may take time to fully work out the solution to the episode that comes up is that the situation may be complex with many moving parts, and you will probably need weeks or months to fully accomplish what you set out to do.

A new moon in your own sign is always your cosmic gift certificate to use as you like. Every other month I show you where the new moon is appearing and what activities you might want to think about and take action. That is not so when the new moon is in your sign—you have carte blanche, to use it as you please. That is because the new moon falls in your solar first house of personality, vitality, and identity and includes your desires and determination.

Uranus opposite the Sun and new moon on November 4 is a classic aspect that often translates into a tearing away from a present situation—such as to break up a relationship or to leave a job so that you can start a new one, leave a city you are living in, or in other ways feel ready to create a complete lifestyle change.

All month, Mars, your secondary ruler, will move through Scorpio and will bestow on you a certain presence and strength. At times you may feel vulnerable, but if so, that’s just an illusion, which would not be correct. In truth, you will be far stronger than you assume and able to find the right solution to any pressing problem.

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