Scorpio Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

Not only will money come to you through your work but also through specialized government programs, corporate grants, family gifts, an inheritance, or insurance payouts. If you do some research, it could pay off, because you have the kind of aspects that suggest that kind of luck.

The eighth house, as the house of transformation, also rules surgery and dental work, for the surgeon removes the part of you that has hurt you, and hopefully (and likely), you emerge better after the procedure. With Jupiter, the great healer, in your eighth house, you might want to do any procedures prior to Jupiter’s exit next year on June 9, 2025. The sooner you address the situation the better.

Let’s now turn to your work life, which was demanding in April and May. Your workload will lighten a bit after your ruler Mars leaves Aries on June 8. After that, you will have more time for your spouse or sweetheart and your children, too. You also might be thinking about hiring a high-level professional to help you get ahead in your career, such as an agent, business partner, manager, bookkeeper, accountant, lawyer, headhunter, doctor, or other specialized professional who will work with you in a confidential one-on-one way. Between June 8 and July 20, you will find qualified individuals if you look for them.

After focusing so much on money matters, you will be ready to enjoy nature at the full moon on June 21. You will need a change whether you go near or far—it’s your choice. The full moon is in earthy Capricorn, so go to a gorgeous mountainous area with beautiful views of nature and many wildflowers.

Before you go on your trip, you may need to put your signature on a contract, but have your lawyer look at it first (always a wise move). If you sign early in the month, you might misread the contract and not see areas you need to correct. You can sign any time this month, but your best day will be June 26 when Mercury (agreements) and Saturn (longevity) will be in sync.

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