Scorpio Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

There is a completely different way this full moon might affect you—you may decide to travel a short distance (say, under 300 miles) to a mountainous area inland, away from the coast, perhaps passing fields of wildflowers so beautiful that you’ll feel compelled to stop, stare, and snap photos. This is the first of two full moons that will fall in the same area of your chart. Both full moons will influence travel, agreements, and communication skills. The second full moon will light the same area of your chart, for it will be in Capricorn too, but next month (July 21) it will appear at 29 degrees (a degree of completion).

What is the most romantic day of the month? That’s easy: Thursday, June 28, when Venus in Cancer will move toward her lover Mars in Taurus to form a sextile (opportunity aspect).

Venus will be in lovely Cancer from June 17 to July 11—a great time to find love or to celebrate the love you have already found.


Scorpio is known to be shrewd about money management. If you are mumbling to yourself, “yeah, not really,” it means this talent is lying dormant within you. All you need to do is develop it. It might be useful this month to take a class in money management or find a financial advisor with a good track record (ask friends for names).

In early June you appear to be nearly obsessed with taking care of money matters. You may be paying taxes or, conversely, investing your money carefully in stocks and bonds with the help of an advisor. You may be setting up a trust or health proxy, or this work could involve estate planning, including a will. The June 6 new moon in Gemini is a superb time to assess and address these matters.

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