Scorpio Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

The most common way most people feel activity in the seventh house is to get engaged or married. If you are already married, you and your spouse may want to work together to make more of your marriage, perhaps by choosing a goal to tackle as a couple. Last month this part of your chart was brilliantly lit, so some of these possible outcomes of hosting your ruler Mars in this area of your chart may be familiar.

Now let’s turn to the full moon on June 21, which will fall in Capricorn, 1 degree, and light your third house of communication. You may be ready to sign a contract, but if so, be sure you understand the terms of the agreement. Neptune will be in hard angle to that full moon on June 21 (a 90-degree square), so you may fall victim to believing a fantasy over reality regarding the contract. A lawyer can help sort through the language of the contract, explain what it really means, and suggest possible contingencies to prepare for. We all can be guilty of indulging in wishful thinking in life, but if our hopes are not rooted in reality, disappointment can follow, and later, we ask ourselves, “What was I thinking?”

On the other hand, if you are working on a creative project that you need to finish up during the full moon on June 21, Mars can be helpful. You may be writing an imaginative novel or screenplay, and in that case, Mars will have the support of Mercury and Venus. These two can give you good ideas for how to compellingly shape your imaginary characters.

With this supportive connection to Venus and Mercury, you might have a writing partner to collaborate with. Your editor might assume that role, pointing out areas where you should sharpen the identity and motives of one or more characters in the story. Or you may be ready to hand in a finished draft or manuscript. You could also be giving a speech or judging a contest.

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