Scorpio Horoscope for July 2024

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JULY 2024

Dear Reader,

You might already know that I had a flood in my apartment suddenly one evening on April 16. I was writing a article for Vogue Japan. It was due at midnight (noon in Tokyo), and I was finished with my 7,528-word piece and was doing spell check when suddenly there was a pounding on my door. It was the building maintenance man saying that he needed to check my bathroom for a flood.

Dumbfounded, I welcomed him in and showed him that there was no flood at all in the larger of my two bathrooms. He asked me to next show him my tiny bathroom in my bedroom, and when I opened the door to my bedroom I was horrified. I felt my bare feet on squishy, soaked-with-water, wall-to wall carpeting. The water had oddly taken a right turn into my neighbor’s apartment.

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Your July 2024 Horoscope for Scorpio

by Susan Miller

July should turn out to be a friendly month that will allow you to accomplish a lot. Do as much as you can this month, for in August Mercury will go retrograde from August 4 to August 28.

Even so, August will become a big month for progress in your career. I believe a VIP you worked with in the past or an executive you had interviewed with previously, perhaps a year ago, may come back to ask you to come in again. (They might realize now that they hired the wrong person for the job.) Indeed, people from your past will become assets to you and help you progress. Don’t be overly concerned about Mercury retrograde—nothing can stop you as you fire up your engine and steamroll ahead.

Spend July getting your résumé in shape or preparing for the start of a major project that will begin in August or September. Keep your eye on the new moon in Leo next month on August 4 for career news. No new moon is “just for a day,” so be ready to use the days that follow next month’s new moon to find your dream job.

July would also be ideal for a vacation because this month you have a new moon in your ninth house, which rules exotic, exciting foreign locations (ones that require your passport for entry). New moons bring unexpected opportunities and different themes each month. Your ninth house is one of experimentation, exploration, and adventure, and urges you to see the world in a newer, more panoramic 360-degree view.

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