Scorpio Horoscope for January 2024

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Your Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio is said to run rings around other signs when it comes to negotiation, especially when the financial stakes are high. Your third house of contractual agreements is brimming with energy, so it is likely you will be looking over the fine print of a contract and making adjustments. Talks will become important and intensify after the new moon arrives in Capricorn, 21 degrees, and your communications sector on January 11. At that time, however, Mercury will be in hard angle to Neptune, the planet of confusion, so be sure to hire a lawyer to help you sort out the terms—this month, your attorney would be worth their weight in gold.

Don’t assume that Mercury’s clash with Neptune means the deal on the table is a bad one. Not at all. Just that it must be examined. In some areas the language will need to be changed to better protect your interests. Simultaneously to this new moon, you have a shiny, electrical friendly beam from Uranus to the Sun and new moon as well as to Mars, one of your two rulers.

Having Mars on your side bodes well for success in the future, and Uranus, based in Taurus, your partnership house, shows how well you are clicking with your proposed business partner or collaborator. In fact, talks may be coming together toward a final agreement quickly, another reason you should have your lawyer make sure you are not overlooking a point that needs to be added in the agreement.

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