Scorpio Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Scorpio

By the time you get near the full moon on February 24, you will be ready to kick back with friends. You might have an event on your calendar or have a plan to entertain friends in your home. However, Saturn will be opposed to the full moon and conjunct the Sun, so it seems the strain of what is happening at work will weigh on you and pull you in two directions. Or it may be that you will be asked to work on the event without realizing how much you were expected to take on.

You also will likely be quite focused on a romantic relationship or on one of your children. Clearly, you could use help with all the duties you have to perform near February 24, so don’t hesitate to ask a friend, relative, or assistant to lend a hand—it will make all the difference.

On top of other concerns, it appears a friend will be going through an unusually hard time and may ask for your advice or assistance. There’s little rest at this full moon, so don’t overpack your schedule. If a friend betrays you at this time, that will be the hardest way you could experience this full moon. It happens in life, but let’s hope that is not the way things play out for you.

If you are moved to volunteer for a charity or humanitarian activity at the full moon on February 24, the work you do will give you great pride, and you will learn many skills that you can put to use in your career.

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