Scorpio Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Scorpio


After the new moon in Aquarius on February 9, your mind and heart will be focused on home and family. Joining the new moon and Sun will be Mercury and your ruler Pluto. Also, as of February 13, you will have your secondary ruler Mars in this same sector of home and family, where he will remain until March 22.

That is a lot of cosmic energy centered on your home and family life, and Venus will follow Mars into Aquarius on February 16. No matter what is on your list to improve your home and living experience—to buy, sell, repair, refresh, or renovate, or alternatively, to help a family member—the cosmos will give you a gentle push to start working in earnest now rather than later.

However, Uranus will bring difficulty to the new moon on February 9 by bringing up sudden unanticipated news regarding a home repair or a sudden move, or perhaps a family member will need your assistance right away, and this may rattle you. You’ll have to quickly find a workable plan to deal with the information. Uranus never gives clues about his messages ahead of time, so there is no way to foresee what may come up.

Everyone will notice shockwaves from Uranus this month, and for each sign, the news will fall in different parts of life depending on where no less than six celestial bodies (out of a possible 10) are positioned in their chart. Uranus’ message will be delivered to you within days of the new moon’s arrival on February 9. Keep your schedule open and elastic.

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