Scorpio Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Scorpio

You like to carefully plan your life, but alas, life sometimes has a way of interfering with our best laid plans, bringing all kinds of surprises. However, you may be able to make this surprise work in your favor, as bizarre as that may initially sound. I cannot see your unique natal chart from where I sit, but it is true that change can bring on new and unforeseen lucky circumstances. Let’s keep thinking good thoughts.

Scorpios born on or within four days of November 12 are the most likely to see some sort of news regarding your home, other property, or family come up.

Valentine’s Day will arrive on February 14 and may offer you a bright spot. The transiting moon will be in Taurus, and Jupiter will be tightly conjunct that moon, which is sublime. Wow! If you are attached or married, a magical evening may be in store for you, all planned by your partner. Relinquish control—your significant other clearly loves you and wants to create a memorable day that is romantic and sensuous. There is some indication your sweetheart or spouse may have a gift for you.

If you cannot go for a sumptuous dinner together on Valentine’s Day because you have children, I feel—with so much emphasis on your home—you can arrange a great dinner to enjoy together after your child or children go to sleep. You can cater it—you need not cook (unless you are like me and love to cook!).

I am hesitant to mention that on the same day, Valentine’s Day, your two rulers, Pluto and Mars, will meet in a hot conjunction in your fourth house of home and family. If you want to make changes at home, you’ll need to rally your partner’s support before you put your plan into action. You may assume you already have that enthusiasm, but I’m not so sure you do. Save discussions about your home for another day.

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