Scorpio Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Scorpio

I don’t want to worry you—the new moon, although jarring, may also bring good news. Let’s say you are in a rental apartment in a high-rise building in a great neighborhood and that you love your apartment. Suddenly, you landlord notifies you that the building is going condo. You and the other tenants in the building would all have to either buy or move out. If you stay and buy, you’d be given an attractive discount off market rates for the property. Let’s also say that you always hoped to own a condo. This news could be miraculous, but you realize that you would still have to get a mortgage and put together a down payment quickly. That could cause you to panic, but the landlord is giving people some time to get ready. If you are really in a panic, in this case go to your parents—who are also ruled by this part of your chart—to see if they may help you.

Your tenth house of prestigious professional advancement will also be drawn into the discussion after the new moon of February 9. Your solar tenth house is ruled by the Sun, and Uranus will conflict with the Sun, which could cause changes in management in your workplace or require you to live in a different city while you oversee a detailed project.

The new moon will also be under siege by Uranus, and that brings in activity in your ninth house (the moon rules your ninth house), which includes long-distance travel or relocation, possibly regarding a publishing or broadcasting assignment or one involving foreign markets or the import-export of goods or services. It’s also possible that you are dealing closely with a business relationship based overseas over the phone or email. Alternatively, since the ninth house also deals with institutions of higher learning, they could be drawn into discussion—this new moon could bring news that impinges on your plans to get a graduate or undergraduate degree. If so, this is likely to be a temporary delay.

As you see, this new moon is complicated and will have the power to touch several parts of your life. It may give you comfort to know that you will not be alone at this new moon—every person of every sign will be feeling the tremors of this new moon in different ways. The problem is that any news will come out of the blue, so there is no way to prepare. This is the way the universe teaches us the value of exercising on-the-spot resourcefulness when hit with information we did not expect.

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