Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Readers,

I can’t wait until you read September! It will be a glorious month, with lovely aspects. I was excited as I did my calculations for you and was eager to relate all the good news to you as quickly as possible. This will be a month like none other and special in ways that won’t be repeated. Everyone is being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a breakthrough on a desire dear to your heart.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

September will be so special for you that it may seem like a dream. Thanks to a confluence of five happy little heavenly bodies that have congregated to the top of your horoscope in your solar tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievements, you are about to see the lucky career break you’ve long worked toward and prayed to see. All those darling planets—Mercury (communication), Venus (happiness), and Mars (determination) were first to arrive in your career house late last month, awaiting the appearance of the graceful new moon, who arrived on August 30, just two days prior to the start of September. Dressed in a white silk grown and at the arm of her dignified partner, the mighty Sun, the little planets stood up in respect and watched as the new moon flung opened the doors to a new portal that would boost your professional life.

This means that as you start September, the stage is set. Moreover, what makes this new moon so exciting is that Uranus, planet of unanticipated events, will send a gorgeous, glittering silver thunderbolt over to these five heavenly bodies gathered in your prestigious career house. Uranus will do this from his perch in your solar sixth house of workaday projects, so the assignments you are currently working on or have finished recently will bring applause and praise and become a big part of why you will rise now in your career. You have proven you can handle more, and this month you will get more.

The new moon of August 30, operative at September’s start, plus ten days, will give you your best shot at a new professional role that you have seen all year—perhaps the best you’ve seen over the past three years. Uranus will be involved, so you won’t see your lucky break coming, but when it does, it will arrive with a brilliant, thunderous bolt, and you’ll be speechless at your good fortune.

This all hinges on your having worked hard, but I know you have—I see the determination and drive you’ve displayed reflected in your chart.

Saturn is watching all this going on with half the solar system in your tenth house of career success and Uranus’ involvement from afar. Saturn has been in your second house of income since December 2017, the reason you may have felt your income has been held down over the past two years.

Saturn is not about to let Uranus steal all the thunder at this party for you in your professional sector, for Saturn wants to send you a big career gift, too. Saturn is also in an ideal position to help, and as he sends his beam on August 30, you will see that the money you make will now likely match your rise in status. Don’t say well, duh, that always happens. No, it doesn’t—sometimes we get a new prestigious title but not more money. Other times we get the money, but our spot remains the same. This time you get both—at the same time.

Let’s look deeper. Mercury is the planet that will be at the highest elevated point in your chart, your tenth house of fame and honors, and he will receive a direct silvery electric beam from surprise-a-minute Uranus. Mercury rules your career house and is traveling in this house now, so this gives Mercury a strong position of clout in your chart—and thankfully so. You may be speechless when opportunity knocks, quite out of the blue. You need to show the universe your intent by assertively making it known that you are willing to entertain a new role and more responsibilities.

The new moon of August 30, operative in September’s start … will give you your best shot at a new professional role that you have seen all year—perhaps the best you’ve seen over the past three years. Uranus will be involved, so you won’t see your lucky break coming, but when it does, it will arrive with a brilliant, thunderous bolt, and you’ll be speechless at your good fortune.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde next month on October 31 through November 20. Mars, which is providing such a push to your career now will leave your career sector October 3. You will start to see the slowdown to career matters as early as October 17, so as you see, you won’t have the momentum in your career that you will have in September. This behooves you to launch new products and services now, to hop to get interviews, and to sign contracts in September (especially on September 24 when Jupiter will send benefic beams to Mercury).

The five planets in your prestigious tenth house are all lined up very close together in mathematical degree, all in perfect position to receive Uranus’ electric beams. That means like firecrackers in a box, each one will go off and affect a different part of your life. Astrologers call a congregation of aligned planets in close degree a crown of stars, and these “stars” are twinkling brilliantly at the very highest point in your chart. It’s extraordinary that Uranus is in the ideal place to reach all those planets and to help you see thrilling career news.

The fact that the Sun is involved in this gang of five planets means that your opportunity will come from one of these areas: a foreign person or company, a university, or a publishing, broadcasting, or law firm.

Mars is orbiting next to the Sun, and since Mars rules your fifth house of creativity, it appears that your breakthrough will tap your original approach to projects. It is also possible, due to Venus’ involvement, that a friend will have a hand in the career luck you will experience now

Let’s go back to Mars for a second. Mars moved into your prestigious professional sector on August 17 and will remain with you until October 3, so make the most of this! Mars only comes by every two years, so you are starting a new Mars cycle now. If you are self-employed, September would be the ideal time to launch a new advertising or publicity campaign and to look for new clients. If you work for others, let it be known you are ready to move up and are willing to shoulder new responsibilities.

Mercury, the ruler of your house of fame (where Mercury is now), will speak kindly about you to Saturn, now in your house of earned income, on September 5, a good day to have a meeting or interview that revolves around money.

Another stellar day will be September 24, when Mercury will speak to the great good-fortune planet Jupiter (still in Sagittarius) to help you in a big way. This is a fantastic day that will help you in your career success, finances, and socially, too.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, this is your Emerald Year, dear Sagittarius, one of your best in 12 years. You may be so busy concentrating on projects that you may not see the potency of the seeds you are planting now, but you will see the truth of this later. Those seeds will grow into tall oak trees. Money is the one area of your chart that seemed to be the exception to the rule, where you may have struggled with a shortfall. That will get rebalanced in December 2019 through December 2020, for you are due for a large influx of steady income. Keep to the program and have faith—all you want is coming to you.

I have one friend who has had a series of surgeries on her brain. She does not have cancer, thank goodness, but getting out all of the benign tumor has proven difficult, and the recent surgeries have been to tidy up small problems that need attention. She’s self-employed, and as any founder of a business knows, when you have health problems, keeping new clients coming in is a challenging task. Of course, she has staff, but even so, as the founder, she knows best and can rally the troops better than anyone else. I have told her that she was being operated on in her Emerald Year, the best time, when Jupiter, the great healer, is in Sagittarius. God is protecting her health, for her surgeries have all been successful.

I see that all Sagittarians will prosper financially beyond their expectations next year, and the first signs will come this year in December. Dear Sagittarius, I am so excited for you. You’ve had to work on the blind faith that all the spade work you were putting in would pay off. Now you will start to see you were right—VIPs have noticed and will now come forward to help you rise higher in your industry.

You will also be helped financially by the change of Saturn from retrograde to direct on September 18. Saturn has been retrograde since April 29 and will finally move forward, releasing you from delays and frustrating conditions that seemed to prevent you from making more money. If you wondered why you seemed not to be earning the money you deserved, considering all the work you were putting in, it may have been due to Saturn retrograde, for Saturn rules your second house of earned income.

Whenever a big planet turns from retrograde to direct, astrologers refer to that period by saying the planet stations. That means the planet seems to hang in deep space like a beautiful object, not moving forward nor backward. In truth, the planet does move but in such tiny increments that it is imperceptible, and I feel it is marshaling its inner powers to make that U-turn to the opposite direction. When a planet is stationary like Saturn will be this month, it gives clues of what is to come, depending on the house that the planet is in at the time. If you don’t pay attention, you may miss the message.

The clue will involve your income on or about September 18, plus or minus 10 days—September 8 to as late as September 28. Watch the subtle messages as they may prove very insightful. Usually, a clue will appear very close to the date the planet goes direct. Saturn will go direct on September 18, so news around then about your income should make you happy.

Now let’s move to a completely different subject—your family and your home. At the full moon on September 13, in Pisces at 21 degrees, this part of your life will light up. You are about to see a culmination to something you are doing that’s related to your home. On a large scale, you might be closing on a house or hearing approval from the bank for a mortgage you applied for recently. You may be moving or having the painters paint every room, something you wanted done prior to the year-end holidays. On a smaller scale, you might have new furniture delivered or see the contractor or workmen finish a series of repairs on your home.

This full moon comes arm-in-arm with Neptune, so you might have a problem with water at this time—flooding, a leak, mold, or other difficulty. This might be an ongoing problem—Neptune won’t leave your home sector until April 2026. (It may help to know that after Neptune leaves, you will never have him return to your home sector again—Neptune takes 169 years to revolve around the Sun.)

There is a flip side to Neptune in the fourth house of home, for Neptune can be amazingly inspirational, especially when it comes to designing or finding the proper furnishings and décor. Neptune can bring great creative energies to all that it touches as it is the planet of the arts. Use this positive side of Neptune to daydream about improvements you would like to make to your apartment or house, for at the full moon you could get closer to your dream results.

Pluto will be nicely aligned with this full moon too, so if you need money to begin your home-related plan, it will be there for you. Bankers will hold the door open for you now, a good time to apply for a loan, mortgage, or line of credit.

If you are not changing your home or adding little touches there, say with new linens or a new TV, you may be riveted on your parent, helping your mother or father in a variety of ways. At the very least, if your mother is feeling well, take her out for an elegant, traditional afternoon tea at a nearby five-star hotel that specializes in this marvelous ritual—you’ll be glad you did for you will have time with your mother and have fun while you connect. It will be day to remember.

After a month of working on career goals and home and family needs, you will need fun, and in a month that seems to have everything, you will have that, too.

All the little planets will Uber over to your eleventh house of friendships and social and fun events and will be there when the new moon flings open the doors and shutters on September 28 in Libra, five degrees.

Those little planets now gathered in your friendship house with the new moon will include the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Mars will hang back in your career house for a few more days to continue to help you professionally. He will arrive on October 3 and remain there jazzing up your social life until November 18.

Libra is the marriage sign, so among the parties you are invited to at this time might be a wedding or shower. It could be any event with a soft atmosphere—Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus adds softness and a sense of beauty to all it touches. What makes this new moon so special is that Venus will align perfectly with good-fortune Jupiter in Sagittarius directly on September 28.

That alignment of Venus to Jupiter tells me that not only will the days ahead until October 10 be filled with events and enjoyable reasons to meet with friends, but this will continue throughout the coming year.

A new moon is just like a person—each is unique. The one you are experiencing now will be outstanding and rare in its friendliness to other planets. There is some indication that you will be concerned about the cost of all your socializing because of some difficult aspects to your transiting Capricorn planets, but don’t worry too much about that in this glorious month. You are entering a strong financial period soon, and you will be able to cover what is going on now.

Enjoy this month, dear Sagittarius. Rarely will you be able to make progress like you will this month, and by the end feel proud of all you accomplished in all areas of your life.


Your career is about to catch fire, and you may become breathless with wonder when you see how quickly opportunity springs up for you. You’ve worked long and hard, and now, with the advent if the new moon that occurred at the end of last month, August 30, the first ten days of September will be your time to reach for the stars. You are entering the most important time in 2019 for professional opportunity and reward, and it will be exciting to see how everything plays out.

You will have Mercury, Mars, Venus, the Sun, and new moon all in Virgo, the very pinnacle point of your chart. Surprise-planet Uranus will beam powerful rays to all these planets in your prestigious fame sector from his perch in your work assignment sector. This means that the jobs you concentrate on in September will have the power to bring industry attention, and you will be able to advance in status, influence, leadership, and power. At the same time, Saturn and Pluto, both based in your earned income sector, will also send golden breams to the five heavenly bodies in your tenth house of prestigious professional gains—prestigious advancement will be met with good compensation. Whether you work for others or yourself, this will be a very exciting time for your career, for everything you’ve done in the past has given you the experience to take advantage of new, more sophisticated projects, and this will keep up now and in the six months to come.

The full moon of September 13 will be in watery Pisces and immediately switch your attention to the culmination of something you’ve planned for your home or family. If you have been renovating or planning to close on a house, everything will be concluded and finalized within four days of this date. You may have furniture or a new carpet delivered, or you may simply buy new tableware and table linens. The moon in your chart rules your financial sector, so it seems you might pay for something expensive at the same time.

I will admit that you will need to be concerned about possible problems with water mid-month, for this full moon will be conjunct Neptune. Look at your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, and ask your broker whether you have a special rider for any difficulties you might encounter with water. Home insurance almost never automatically covers water liability.

Make sure you are protected for flooding and related problems, and also for mold, tainted drinking water, and anything else related to water. You need to protect yourself from water damage until Neptune leaves your home sector in April 2026. September is a more urgent month than most to do so because of the Pisces full moon conjunct Neptune in your home sector on September 13 (plus or minus four days), so get water damage insurance, just in case.

After you have attended to your career (and likely scored a major victory) and to the activity taking place regarding your home, other property, or family members, it will be time to play.

Remarkably, the crowd of planets partying in your tenth house of fame, honors, and career are about to take an Uber over to your eleventh house of friends, fun, and exciting social events. These planets love being together, and they don’t want to break up, so moving the party to another house made good sense. This new moon will help you make a new friend in the weeks to come, so be sure to be out and about. Making a new friend is like investing in yourself, for that friendship will pay dividends to you spiritually in years to come.

You will get your chance to circulate once the new moon arrives on September 28. Venus, Mercury, and by October 3, Mars will fill this joyous house for weeks to come, especially through the first half of October.

By the end of September, you will finally be able to sit back and take a deep breath, raise a glass of fine wine to good friends, good food, and family. You may, at this time, proclaim life is a gift. You may be concerned about the money you will be spending this month, but if you keep your antenna up, you will remain in control. You do deserve fun, and now you will get a chance to enjoy yourself fully.

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