Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I have one friend who has had a series of surgeries on her brain. She does not have cancer, thank goodness, but getting out all of the benign tumor has proven difficult, and the recent surgeries have been to tidy up small problems that need attention. She’s self-employed, and as any founder of a business knows, when you have health problems, keeping new clients coming in is a challenging task. Of course, she has staff, but even so, as the founder, she knows best and can rally the troops better than anyone else. I have told her that she was being operated on in her Emerald Year, the best time, when Jupiter, the great healer, is in Sagittarius. God is protecting her health, for her surgeries have all been successful.

I see that all Sagittarians will prosper financially beyond their expectations next year, and the first signs will come this year in December. Dear Sagittarius, I am so excited for you. You’ve had to work on the blind faith that all the spade work you were putting in would pay off. Now you will start to see you were right—VIPs have noticed and will now come forward to help you rise higher in your industry.

You will also be helped financially by the change of Saturn from retrograde to direct on September 18. Saturn has been retrograde since April 29 and will finally move forward, releasing you from delays and frustrating conditions that seemed to prevent you from making more money. If you wondered why you seemed not to be earning the money you deserved, considering all the work you were putting in, it may have been due to Saturn retrograde, for Saturn rules your second house of earned income.

Whenever a big planet turns from retrograde to direct, astrologers refer to that period by saying the planet stations. That means the planet seems to hang in deep space like a beautiful object, not moving forward nor backward. In truth, the planet does move but in such tiny increments that it is imperceptible, and I feel it is marshaling its inner powers to make that U-turn to the opposite direction. When a planet is stationary like Saturn will be this month, it gives clues of what is to come, depending on the house that the planet is in at the time. If you don’t pay attention, you may miss the message.

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