Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are in love, you might be anxious to wed, for after all, these four heavenly bodies are stacking up in your seventh house of marriage and committed partnerships (the reason I mentioned serious, committed collaborations in business just now, above.) Again, even in matters of love, I want you to wait. You can plan, but it would be optimal not to act until your best time to announce decisions—at the end of July or through all of August. That sounds far away, but actually, it is not. Here’s why I want you to wait.

Venus is about to retrograde, and Venus rules love. Last year, when I looked ahead at 2020, I was very concerned the planet of love and affection would be out of phase during prime wedding season: May and June. (Venus also rules good looks, luxury, beauty, and all embellishments in life, such as a profusion of flowers, jewels, perfume, designer clothes, fine wines and champagne, sweets, elegant desserts and imported chocolates, spas, and other luxuries and pampering experiences.)

The prime job of Venus is to wrap you in a loving relationship, but when she is retrograde, she sleeps and cannot send you the full level of abundance of love and affection you deserve. Astrologers believe you should never marry with a weak Venus in retrograde, for the chances of your marriage cooling off in feeling over time is too great a possibility—it is risky. If you had planned to marry this month, and the pandemic came and you had to postpone your wedding, realize the universe did you a favor by making it nearly impossible to wed. Don’t rail against the impediments; be glad the universe is protecting you. Schedule your wedding for 2021 when Venus will not retrograde, and Mars won’t either. Just avoid Mercury retrograde—consult the table of Mercury retrograde on the homepage of my website (the lower left-hand side).

The reason I want you to wait to sign business papers for a new one-to-one collaborator is because Venus rules money and profit, in addition to love and all the other lovely things in life. If your motive is to make money and, ultimately, a profit (isn’t every business deal for that purpose?), I suggest you wait.

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