Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

MAY 2018

Dear Readers,

Recently I was having a celebration dinner with Michelle Roque, my talented creative director who had done such brilliant art direction work on my calendars and planners, handling Parisian artist Izak’s work with such grace. Michelle was telling me that some of her friends love Astrology Zone – they only read my summaries to my monthly column. I put down my fork. Hearing this news made me sad. I asked, are you sure, Michelle? She nodded. I strive so to give my readers complete information, and this month, May, I look ahead to the rest of the year to show what is due for you, for planning purposes. Almost none of that vital information will be in my summaries – there was too much to explain.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Life is changing, but never more than in May, when surprise planet Uranus will make its move to Taurus for the first time since 1934 to 1942. Uranus takes 84 years to revolve around the Sun, so when you divide 84 years by 12 signs and 12 houses, you understand why Uranus spends seven years per sign and per house. This is headline news, and everyone will feel a shift in everyday life, but in different ways.

Uranus will not stay in Taurus in 2018 – he will give you a preview of what the coming years will be like while Uranus is in Taurus between May 15 and November 7. After that, Uranus will retreat backward into Aries, where Uranus has occupied since 2011 in your house of love and children. Then several months later, Uranus will again move forward to Taurus on March 6, 2019, to stay permanently in Taurus until 2026.

This means that Uranus will leave your solar fifth house of true love / children and creativity and enter your sixth house of work projects and health. Uranus is the planet that brings sudden change, and also sometimes brings chaos and disruption, but tends to also bring innovation, fresh thinking, and creativity that borders on genius. Uranus is the futuristic planet, and people with strong Uranus placements are brave and secure, and they feel strongly about questioning society’s long-held assumptions, which sometimes, it turns out, have outlived their usefulness. It’s Uranus job to challenge the status quo, so you will learn to think critically and not simply accept things as they are. If you are told to do something because we have always done it this way, you might well do just the opposite. That’s Uranus speaking – Uranus usually stirs up a little rebellion that helps you break free and create new paths.

Uranus also has a strong link to humanitarian causes, often urging an involvement in a charity to raise awareness and funds to help those who suffer. Uranus is also linked to changes in the environment and you may feel moved to protect in some way. Some who have a strong Uranus will become political activists, run for office, or work on humanitarian assignments. Any of these possibilities may influence your work life in a strong or subtle way.

This individualistic planet, Uranus, is all about letting you be you. It is the planet that teaches the value of finding not what is similar about you to others, but what is different. In the coming years, you will have the best chance you may have ever had to find the uniqueness in you, and to celebrate those qualities. When it comes to your work projects, Uranus will urge you not to blend in, but to speak up, especially if your intuition says to use a different approach to a project. (Uranus encourages instinct, and you will feel it speak to you.)

I have always felt that where you have Uranus in your chart is where you find your greatest stimulation in your life. I don’t know where you have Uranus in your natal chart (you would have to do your birth chart using your exact time of birth to find out), but I do know that since 2010, you hosted transiting Uranus in your fifth house of true love, so that’s where you gravitated to find excitement – in love and romance. You always found that thrill, but sometimes, maybe you found a little too much excitement, but other times, it seemed just right. You may have dated many different types, and at times friends may have wondered about your choice of person to date – some were not traditional at all. That is all changing now, and your love life will settle down.

In future years, it will be your work where that excitement will emanate.

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