Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

March will bring most of your thinking to money. You might say, “Hey, why are you writing about me managing finances? As a Sagittarian, I am not like that! Interesting philosophical ideas and concepts and debating literary and political questions interest me more!” I know, dear Sagittarius, but the truth is, the universe knows you’ve been underpaid for your talents for a long time, and in 2020, the universe is about to make a correction on your behalf.

Saturn has been in your house of earned income since December 2018 and has been teaching you to be frugal and to buy items below retail whenever possible. You’ve been learning the value of money, and for a Sagittarius, that has been a tough lesson. You are ruled by Jupiter, the expansive planet, so you don’t like any kind of budget or perimeter to hem you in. Nevertheless, you are in a period where money was hard to earn.

Jupiter, your ruler, has been in your second house of earned income since last December (to stay a year), a place Saturn first entered a little over two years ago on December 19, 2017. Jupiter was brought in to help soften the effects of Saturn, which can be stringent. Both Saturn and Pluto (which entered Capricorn in 2008) are still in your second house of earned income, and they welcomed Jupiter’s December arrival. Saturn is teaching you to save money for the things that matter, such as a house, your health, and your children and family. Think of Pluto as the contractor who enters your basement carrying a flashlight and wearing a hard hat and is there to check for cracks in the basement. Pluto teaches that a structure can only be strong if the base is strong. Now, Mars is about to join Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, making a total of four planets all squeezed into your second house of earned income

All four planets are in Capricorn, a cool, unemotional, objective earth sign. This tells me you could be acting like a Capricorn when it comes to money—in a very objective manner. When you ask for money—and there will be days in March that you will be favorably disposed to do so—you will need to stick to the facts of the job at hand and save your best, most visionary ideas to show next year.

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