Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Pluto activates your inner energy to complete the goal you’ve chosen in the house he is visiting. In this case, to become financially stable, and for some, to show that you can build wealth. I love stories on the news of the janitor or postman who becomes a millionaire through careful financial planning and investing. They are inspiring—having a nest egg is certainly a worthy goal. Leaving money to your children—a legacy—is another. You are the one sign about to prove that any goal is attainable with effort and focus.

Pluto moves slowly because he is on the outer reaches of deep space, on the precipice of our solar system. Spinning along the rim, Pluto is a super-power because he spends the longest time of any planet in each area of the horoscope he visits. (Astrologers don’t care if he is a dwarf planet or not—we know his strength.) Pluto has a way of taking away what you think you can’t possibly live without—until it’s gone. For that reason, Pluto is called the planet of transformation, for if you fall down in life, almost hitting bottom, Pluto is the one planet that can help you come back on your own terms. He does not give gifts or lucky breaks like his brother Jupiter is known to do. Pluto teaches you to harness your inner strength to rebound and conquer.

Although none of us want to have Pluto take away what we feel we can’t possibly live without, when he does subtract it, we have no choice but to find a way to get back on the horse again and rebuild our lives. (I used that phrase, “get back on the horse again,” to a young Chinese woman when I was in Beijing. She looked puzzled and asked, “Is this an American cowboy saying, to get on the horse again?” I laughed, thought about it, and said yes.) Find the cowboy inside you, bravely get on your horse, and get to live another day as you gallop forward.

Pluto first teaches you that you can survive, and being a massively important financial planet, he shows you how to thrive. After a Pluto visit, you are changed. He does not work quickly like Uranus, but much more slowly and gradually. You begin to rely on your intelligence, ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. It’s there—and you can realize you can trust it and rely on it.

It looks like a wonderful project will come up as a result of the July 4-5 eclipse and bring you a tidy sum just when you need it. Or it may be that you’ll finish a big project, and it will become a landmark moment in your career.

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