Sagittarius Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Eclipses tend to bring sudden news, for they are in a hurry to bring dramatic progress. If your close relationship in love or business is languishing with no progress, the eclipse will produce the necessary energy to bring you together, or you’ll realize that it’s time to part ways. The last time you experienced a similar eclipse was back in November 2012. You might want to look back to see what theme emerged then to see if you can get a clue of the type of event that might happen now. The other planets surrounding that November 28, 2012, eclipse eight years ago have, of course, since moved to assume other positions, so no eclipse is ever duplicated exactly. Looking back will only give you a hint of what area of life would come up for activity.

The readers who will feel this one the most will be those born November 30, plus or minus four days, or those with Sagittarius or Gemini rising, 9 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.

If you feel ready to make a commitment to the person you are dating, or in business to an expert you’ve interviewed, you will likely be eager to make your association official with paperwork. On the other hand, eclipses push events and emotions to one end of the spectrum or the other—if you are unhappy, you’ll end it.

Looking at your solar chart, I feel it is more likely that you will form a union, especially for a business purpose, such as to hire an agent, manager, specialized lawyer, communications director, or social media manager, as some example of the type of partner you would sign. I say this because Mercury is so brilliantly aspected to the trio of planets in your second house of earned income at the time of the eclipse—Jupiter (good fortune), Saturn (added security), and Pluto (big financial goals). It seems you will move forward soon after that eclipse.

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