Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

If you are proud of your home décor or are an accomplished home chef, you might want to invite an important client over for dinner (if you don’t cook, you can always cater the meal). If this idea sounds possible, your invitation to your client could work to increase your income over time. You will become closer to your client while also gaining further understanding of his or her needs.

If you decide to sell furniture or other items you have at home but no longer need on an auction website, that would be another source of income. Keep in mind that money and your ability to build wealth are strongly linked, so large sums of money will flow through your home in any of the ways I have suggested (and any others you can think of, too).

Not all your time will be spent thinking about home and family. Venus and Mars met in conjunction last month in Aquarius (a sign supremely compatible to yours) in your quick travel sector. This is always a joyous moment—Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers, and you love to be on the road. These two lovebirds will still be close enough in early March to offer you a chance to flee for a joyous romantic weekend away.

When these two adoring planets part, you will have one other chance to travel. You might have a social event you’ve been looking forward to attending over the weekend of March 23- 24. Indeed, that would be a standout time for travel.

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