Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

Neptune will be near the new moon in Pisces, and that could bring you concern in the coming weeks over water problems connected to your home. You may need a professional to fix the plumbing or improve the purity of your water. Or you may be concerned with a buildup of snow on the roof or driveway. You might also be involved with checking for mold or clearing out water that caused a small flood in your basement. You may be relieved to find no water damage or concern this month, but nevertheless, find ways to strengthen your home against water damage.

You would be wise to look into buying insurance to cover any possible water-related problems at home because Neptune, who governs water, will stay in your home sector for several more years. Jupiter, the good fortune planet and your ruler, will be working with Saturn in a rare aspect, making sure your investment in your home (no matter what you do) will pay off in happiness and appreciation of the value of your home.

Family—with special emphasis on your parents or those you think of as parents—also forms part of your fourth sector of home that is being accented by the new moon on March 10. Instead of centering your attention on your physical home, you might instead direct this new moon’s energy toward helping a parent or other family member this month who is having difficulty with something. You may offer an idea or solution to them that is apt to be hailed as genius. You may wonder why you never thought of this idea before.

While you are concentrating on home, consider setting up a comfortable home office. Saturn is in your home sector giving you a foundation of stability, and he also makes contact with lucky Jupiter in your assignment sector. Money will flow generously to you when working at home while also appreciating the value and comfort of your space.

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