Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

The most significant aspect of the eclipse on March 25 will be the shimmering beam that Pluto will send to this full moon in your friendship house. Pluto is in your third house, so you may travel a short distance to see a friend or get an email or phone call with news. This is very positive, and since Pluto is so powerful, this is a significant aspect that will color the eclipse—it’s why I feel you will like the overall events of this eclipse.

There is another way things could work out at the March 25 eclipse. The eleventh house, where the eclipse falls in your chart, rules social groups and associations. Any time people gather for a singular reason or cause, that’s an eleventh house activity. If you belong to a club or organization where you have long hoped to take on a leadership position, you might see that dream realized now at eclipse time.


Your luckiest day of the month will show up instantly on March 1, when Jupiter in Taurus will work sublimely with the Sun in Pisces. Every sign is born with a ruling planet that is tasked with taking good care of that sign, and your ruler is Jupiter. That means March 1 will be a fortunate day that will favor everyone, but doubly so for you because Jupiter will watch out for you and help you. Use this day to stretch for a successful outcome on something difficult or to achieve an action that will give you an edge over others. You will have Jupiter’s support, for sure.

You are favored for a variety of goals this month, including ones related to home or family decisions or goals having to do with work assignments or the hiring of people who report to you at home or work. If you focus on any of these areas, you will do well. If you are moving into a new house or apartment this month, it looks as though you will love your new space and will want to remain there a long time.

Your concentration on your home will continue and be boosted in a big way at the new moon on March 10 and in the weeks that follow it. No matter what you plan that happens to be related to home, you stand to find the right experts, and an array of choices will start to show up after the new moon appears. You seem to be thinking about moving, making repairs, or working with a contractor. Or perhaps you’d simply like to refresh your space with a chic new design.

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