Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

I say this because Saturn is the ruler of Sagittarius’ second house of income and wealth, and now that it has settled into your home sector, your investment in your home or other real estate becomes your new source of security as you move forward.

This will be underscored by another lovely cosmic coincidence. In June 2023, Saturn and Jupiter made an exact friendly sextile aspect, and because they move so slowly, they are still in a mathematically significant aspect. In the early part of 2024 (including now), these two planets are within four degrees of a sextile to each other.

A sextile happens when planets are at the same degree in signs that are sixty degrees apart—an outstandingly friendly aspect that brings opportunity that you can choose to take or leave. There is no predestination in astrology, but this aspect is so good that it can help you set up a firm foundation for your life for now and into the distant future. You may see that this is a chance at financial security and stability that might not come around again in such agreeable form—so take it.

Turning now to the stylishness of your home, Venus will move into your home sector in Pisces on March 11, the day after the new moon on March 10. Venus will remain here from March 11 until April 4, so during that time your design choices are likely to be beautiful. Venus will also make this a perfect time to entertain, mixing friends and family together and inviting people and children of all different ages to your home.

Mars is on the way to your home and family sector too, from March 22 until April 30. Mars, being the action planet, will give you the energy and motivation to put home- and family-related plans in place. Mars takes two years to circle the Sun, so it’s been that long since you’ve had Mars’ assertive, high-energy help in your home sector. If you need to buy any electronic items, such as a washer-dryer, vacuum cleaner, computer, car, home security system, smartphone, or a home landline system—any electronics—do it in early March.

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