Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Sagittarius

by Susan Miller

If your daughter has a small child and needs help to pay for kindergarten so she can go back to work, you might choose to help her with that child’s tuition. If your mother needs to have a live-in aide or you need to move her to an assisted living facility, but you can’t quite afford to do so by yourself, you will find ways, possibly through government programs, to help her because you love her.

I like your outlook for the progress you will make with home and family. Jupiter, your ruler and good-fortune planet, and Uranus, planet of surprise, will both be sending golden vibrations to that new moon March 10—that’s a major advantage.

In your career, whether you are self-employed or work for others, business will be strong and consistent through May and possibly beyond. You will have many projects, so money seems to continue to pour in to cover the home improvements you might want to make (or the money you might want to give to a family member).

For other Sagittarians, the arrival of Saturn, the planet that matures us and teaches us life lessons, has brought somewhat extreme changes to home or family in the last year (Saturn entered this part of your chart in March 2023 for the first time in 29 years and will remain until February 2026, a period of nearly three years). You are an unsinkable, optimistic soul, but Saturn’s entry into your home sector has also forced you to become cautious, practical, and realistic when it comes to real estate matters.

You realize that you can only buy what you can afford, factoring changeable life events into the equation that might require you to access cash from savings or family. This is not indicated in your chart in the foreseeable time ahead, but most people have 15- or 30-year mortgages, so consider when you settle home-related matters that you need to stay closer to home and not take as many trips to places you’ve never been. Having a nest egg may become a more pressing priority.

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